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  • VTT

    The mountain bike is an all-terrain bike, which is used on rough paths, in the forest, in the mountains or on demanding terrain.

    It performs well on muddy or rough trails and dampens vibrations thanks to its fork.

    Its studded tyres and powerful brakes allow you to ride safely over any trail.

  • VTT full suspendu

    To combine comfort with off-road performance, there is nothing like a full suspension mountain bike!

  • Vélo de course

    As its name suggests, the racing bike, also known as the road bike, is a bike designed for speed. Lighter than other types of bikes, it is also easy to handle in the city or in the countryside. It is designed to be ridden on good roads because of its smooth wheels.

  • Vélo de Ville

    The city bike is usually gooseneck shaped but can also have a straight bar and a trapeze bar. It is often equipped with a luggage rack and mudguards, and can be fitted with baskets or panniers. It can be used on a tarmac road, in town or in the countryside.

  • VTC

    The VTC is a mountain bike, somewhere between a racing bike and a mountain bike. It can be used on tarmac roads and country lanes. Ideal for riding in the countryside or in the city to work. Most of the time, the VTC has quite smooth tyres, which will not allow you to use it in the forest or on rough roads.

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